Dr. Thomas B. Graboys  
Author of Life in the Balance  
Life in the Balance: Praise

"A powerful and poignant portrayal of a physician who refuses to have illness rob him of his dignity and joy. A unique and inspiring memoir that captures the resiliency of the human spirit." –Dr. Jerome Groopman, Professor, Harvard Medical School, author of How Doctors Think

“In this gripping memoir, Tom Graboys, one of the nation’s most eminent cardiologists, describes the devastation Parkinson’s disease and dementia have had on his mind and body, his treasured identity as a doctor and on his marriage. With exquisite honesty, he writes of his initial denial, his painful decision to stop seeing patients and of the anger and frustration that he and his wife now wrestle with daily as disease slowly robs him of much of what he once was. This is a must-read for anyone with a degenerative or dementing condition and for any couple grappling with the emotional roller coaster of serious illness.”
Judy Foreman, Nationally Syndicated Health Columnist

“Reading Tom Graboys' extraordinary memoir of hope beyond illness and courage beyond despair, one word kept coming to mind: honesty. He writes with an honesty which is both painful and refreshing. His illness came crashing down on what seemed a perfect life, but he refuses to surrender, and manages to examine his complex reactions with the intelligence and skill of a first-rate physician He ruminates on love, marriage, children and friendship and in the process teaches us all something important about how to live with whatever time we have.”
Howard Zinn

“Beautifully written, searingly honest, this book lets us see the impact of serious illness on a man who is both a doctor and a patient.”
Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Tom Graboys was my student; over many years, I was his mentor. With the publication of Life in the Balance he has become my teacher. The book is brimming with unflinchingly honest insights on how to confront a devastating illness. Each of us can learn much from this poignant memoir.”
Dr. Bernard Lown, Founder of the Lown Cardiovascular Center and Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Professor Emeritus at Harvard School of Public Health, and recipient of Nobel Peace Prize, 1985

"For most physicians the practice of medicine is a profession. A precious few view it as a mission, a call to healing. Tom Graboys is one of the latter, with deep understanding of the human condition, and an exquisite sensitivity to the pain of others, both physical and mental. He has provided superb care and comfort to thousands of patients. Now he is the patient. In this book he examines himself with the meticulous attention to detail and the insight he brought to his practice. Reading the book is a profoundly moving experience. Physicians like Tom Graboys are rare, to be cherished and celebrated."
–Dr. David Greer, Dean Emeritus Brown University Medical School






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