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Dr. Thomas B. Graboys has been featured in various newspaper and online articles:

The Johns Hopkins Bulletins: Memory Disorders, Spring 2011:
Tom Graboys, MD: Reluctant Chronicler of his Dual Illnesses
y: Peter V. Rabins, MD, MPH

Futurehealth.org: Interview with Dr. Graboys
y: Joan Brunwasser (OpEdNews)

Community Advocate: Shrewsbury caregiver holds LBD
event at Southgate

By: Lori Berkey

New York Times:A Doctor Transformed, Into a Patient
By: Abigail Zuger, MD

Boston Globe: Disease Prompted Doctor's Farewell
By: Judy Foreman

Boston Sunday Globe Magazine: My Daily Battle
By: Thomas B. Graboys, MD

The Heart from WebMD: Life in the Balance: From Brigham and Women's staff cardiologist to Parkinson's patient
By: Michael O'Riordan

Brookline Tab: Brookline cardiologist writes about battle with dementia
By: Neal Simpson

Standard-Times, New Bedford: Losing Control
By: Lauren Daley

The Jewish Advocate: When the physician becomes the patient
By: Lorne Bell






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